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Meet our staff

Aril Fagereng


Arill is an Engineer and Inventor by background. Over the past 30 years he has been the CEO of multiple companies with 50-100 employees. For the last decade he has matured the “Ocean Energy Turbine” from initial engineering drawings to fully patented concepts. The main motivation behind the development of the concept has been the recognition that the tremendous energy resources from slow moving currents in oceans are nearly unused. Whilst working on the concept he also implemented design changes which also makes the turbine ideal for harnessing energy from rivers and tides. With more than 70% of the planet’s surface consisting of oceans there is significant energy potential waiting to be tapped.

Henrik Roe


Henrik is an economist from Pacific Lutheran University and Harvard with extended experience as a corporate banking professional with projects and portfolio management, working capital analysis and management as well as financial modelling as part of his core competencies. He has close to 15 years of experience in finance from DNB, SEB, Norsk Hydro and as an entrepreneur/founder. Henrik also has broad international experience as a Senior Strategist and Advisor.

Arne Osmundsvaag

Civil Engineer

Master of science from NTNU, Department of Marine Technology.

Two patents in novel hull design. Arne has a long experience from the marine industry, in particular from the fast ferry industry.

Runar Pettersen

Senior System Engineer

Runar has experience within the offshore and aquaculture industry; prototypes/concepts and development. He has worked 10 years in Kongsberg Maritime, EPCI projects. Runar has specialized in automation and instrumentation, but has extensive additional experience such as network/telecom, electrical and mechanical engineering. Previous roles: Project Engineer, Automation and Instrumentation engineer, Project manager, Site manager, Technical lead manager.

Cindy Mora

Civil Economist

Cindy is a Civil Economist (Master of Science in Business Administration) from Norges Handelshøyskole. Specialist in marketing.

Cindy has experience within multiple fields related to economics and start-ups, with more in-depth experience within financial management, management, and accounting.