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March 2024

New patent received

This new patent, official 16th of March 2024 by The Norwegian Industrial Property Office (Patentstyret), makes a renewable energy revolution for ocean-, tidal- and river-currents! This patent consists of discs that can stay in a row with very low turbulence between them. Full drag force on one side, very low turbulence on the other.

In a submergible platform, these discs are mounted on a conveyor belt that harness the energy from the currents. This submergible platform has a design that gives full Bernoulli effect around the platform (same as on an airplane wing). These platforms have the smallest area usage among renewable energy concepts.

This is the only concept that can harness large amounts of energy from the slow-moving ocean currents, perhaps one of the biggest unused energy resources left in the world.

Januar 2024

COP28 Documentary Clip

Check out this COP28 documentary clip showing the new, and only solution, that can harness large amounts of energy from slow moving ocean currents. Here we are at launching day of our concept together with the Minister Of Energy, at COP28.

Desember 2023

Cop28 in Dubai

Our concept was launched December 5th at COP28 in Dubai. After 14 years development and patenting we were proud to show the first concept in the world that can harness large amounts of energy from slow moving ocean currents. We went to COP28 in Dubai for 9 days to present our concept. We were lucky to be a part of the Seychelles team. They want a new solution for their energy needs. They are using $ 80 mill. a year on oil to make electricity, but they don’t want to use oil at all. They want to be the first country in the world being totally green. Other African countries also showed a big interest in our concept, especially those countries close to the Agulhas current. Countries close to the other big current in the world showed also big interest.

The day after we launched the concept on Seychelles pavilion, we had a presentation on IRENA and SIDS panel discussion where we also were able to show our concept (IRENA is the biggest organization in the world for renewable energy on government level, and SIDS are an organization under UN for the Small Islands Developing States, are a group of  39 States and 18 associated members.

November 2023

Cop28 in Dubai

Meet River & Sea Energy at COP28 in Dubai!

With global temperatures hitting record highs, and extreme weather events affecting people around the globe, this year’s UN climate change conference, COP28, is a pivotal opportunity to correct course and accelerate action to tackle the climate crisis. COP28 is where the world will take stock of progress on the Paris Agreement– the landmark climate treaty concluded in 2015 – and chart a course of action to dramatically reduce emissions and protect lives and livelihoods.

The science is clear: to preserve a livable climate, the production of coal, oil, and gas must rapidly decline, and global renewable power capacity – including wind, solar, hydro and geothermal energy – needs to triple by 2030. At the same time, financing for adaptation and investments in climate resilience need a quantum leap.

COP28 brings together leaders from governments, businesses, NGOs and civil society to find concrete solutions to the defining issue of our time.

October 2023

New patent approved

We just got our third patent on our renewable energy concept.
In this patent we managed to get the disks we are using to function with full drag force, and minimum turbulence. This was a big optimalisation of the concept that resulted in an enormous rise of the power output on the platform.