The new revolution in renewable energy: “The Ocean Energy Turbine”

We have developed and patented a new way of harnessing the energy from slow moving currents in oceans, rivers, and tides: “The Ocean Energy Turbine”.
With our patented concept we are able to reduce the cost per MWh produced to a level which competes with most renewable energy concepts. Our large production platform is able to deliver approximately 180 GWh per year, similar to the cumulative production from approximately 20 large onshore wind turbines with the capacity to fully power 18,000 homes with an average energy consumption of 10,000 kWh pr year.
This turbine design has been developed over several years throughout numerous optimization processes continuously improving the functionality and energy efficiency resulting in groundbreaking results and is ready for test deployment. Throughout the process we have obtained two global patents with PCT approvals, and a third patent is now approved and currently in the PCT application process.
This new concept has the potential to develop a new industry branch within the renewable industry, given the enormous energy potential of currents in oceans, rivers, and tides. Most of the optimization process has been conducted using an industry standard Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) with a comprehensive 400 pages report.

Project economics

With our concept, we are fulfilling two main requirements: Low energy price, and low area usages. High energy prices can influence the worlds economy, and high area usage can influence food production, environment, etc.

The Turbine concept

When succeeding in capturing the enormous  forces in slow moving currents, the reward is a stable delivery of power 24/7 unlike almost all other renewable energy concepts.

90 % production time per year

The biggest advantage of our concept is the high, stable yearly production time. We estimate that production will take place with approximately 90% full load hours, delivering electricity 24/7.

The largest currents

The Gulf Stream carries the volume of 60  to 90 times all the rivers in the world. The speed is considerable, up to 2 – 2,5 m/s.

Hydrogen - The Offshore Gas Station

An important part of our concept is the possibility to produce hydrogen gas on the platforms. The hydrogen gas can be pumped directly to ships from an” Offshore Gas Station”.

The Turbine in river and tidal currents

Building on the ocean current turbine, we have designed a low-profile turbine for use in rivers. The turbine can be installed on the riverbed with the option of raising it to the surface for service.