Price per kWh

When managing to efficiently capture the enormous forces set up by the slow-moving ocean currents, this results in a low cost per kWh produced.

3D Isometric Flat Vector Concept of Cost Reduction, Dollar Rate Decrease, Price Minimising, Falling Rate of Profit.

Very effective per kWh

Our concept has the potential to deliver a highly competitive unit price and a very low area usage per KWh produced.

Inexpensive energy is vital for the global economy and a low cost per produced KWh is key to sustaining the energy transition.

In addition to low production cost per kWh there is an increasing global focus on area usage efficiency. Renewable energy production typically requires vast areas of deployment which may create conflict with other users of the land.

Our concept has the advantage that it is able to generate vast amounts of energy over a small area. The production facilities can be deployed in clusters since there is little interference between the platforms. In addition, the production is very benign for marine life with the turbine moving slowly at 2 – 2,5 m/s (7,2 – 9 km/t or 4,5 – 5,6 mph). The rotation speed of the large generator wheel connected to the conveyor belt via the axles is approximately 1 – 2 rpm. This low rotational speed has a favorable impact on the overall noise levels.

Project economics

The large (200+m) ocean energy turbine platform with an overall 25 MW capacity will be able to produce 180 GWh of electricity due to the very high full load hours in ocean currents.